"The world seems so palpable
And dense: people and things
And the landscapes
They inhabit or move through.

Words, on the other hand,
Are so abstract—they’re
Made of empty air
Or black scratches on a page
That urge us to utter
Certain sounds.
And us:
Poised in the middle, aware
Of the objects out there
Waiting patiently to be named,
As if the right words
Could save them.
And don’t
They deserve it?
So much hidden inside each one,
Such a longing
To become the beloved.

And inside us: the sounds
That could extend that blessing—
How they crowd our mouths,
How they press up against
Our lips, which are such
A narrow exit for a joy so desperate."
"The World Seems…" by Gregory Orr
"The show examines the failures of suburban American life in the 1970s, an era when the sheen of post-war optimism wore itself thin and the ubiquity of “stagflation” furthered the dulling process to near oxidation. The effects of a rampant consumer culture did little to halt the nationwide economic downturn, which quickly became a cancer within suburban communities around the country."
My review of Cutting Through the Suburbs at Carriage Trade for Hyperallergic. 
Nelson-Atkinns Museum of Art (2007) by Steven Holl Architects
Kansas City, MO
Palace of Assembly (1955) by Le Corbusier
Chandigarh, India
Las Arboledas (1961) by Luis Barragán
Atizapán de Zaragoza
A conceptual drawing of the Rainbow Center Plaza (1974) by Giuliano Fiorenzoli & Raimund Abraham
Niagra Falls, NY 

Geometric patterns enliven a wall of an auditorium in Caracas, Venezuela, March 1963.
[Photograph by Thomas J. Abercrombie, National Geographic]
1% bills created by the Global Ultra Luxury Faction (G.U.L.F.) floating in the fountain in the Guggenheim. 
Photo via Hyperallergic. More info here.